My Husband Taught Me to Love His Favorite Hobby

My husband and I have had separate hobbies during most of our marriage. I have always loved reading and crafting. He, on the other hand, has always loved Formula One racing and everything that comes with that. We have never been bothered by the fact that our hobbies were not shared because we spend a lot of time together doing plenty of other things. However, my husband mentioned to me that one of his friends would not be able to go with him to a big race that they had been looking forward to. My husband mentioned that it would make him really happy if I went with him. Little did we both know that my first time at a race would cause me to suddenly become interested in motorsports for good!

I’ve never cared much about watching football games on TV when my husband watches them. I had never sat down with him to watch a race either, but I just assumed I wouldn’t be interested in watching one in the same way that I didn’t like football on TV. It turns out that I was wrong. Before we went to the race in person, he had me watch a variety of different races on TV each weekend. He explained how everything worked and then gave me some details about his favorite drivers. I found it to be interesting, but my interest had certainly not reached a fever pitch just yet. That would soon change.

My husband was rather excited about the fact that I would be attending something he had a big interest in. He talked about it excitedly over the coming weeks until race day arrived. His excitement helped me to become more excited. Actually sitting in the stands and seeing the cars race by in person helped me to become even more interested. I asked him a lot of questions about the race, and he was happy to help me fill me in on everything that I wanted to know. Now, I enjoy spending time with him talking about our new shared hobby.