Betting and Winning: The Intertwined Process

They are called Jean, Charles or Jeremy. All sports fans, they chose at the end of their studies an unusual way, that of “Trader” for sports betting operators. Obviously, the amounts are far from those of our bankers across the Channel. However, they remain discreet on the amounts placed. Sometimes we talk about daily gains or losses of the order of one million dollars.

Their biggest risk?

It takes place on the “live” odds, which are becoming ever more popular – they now account for 52% of sports betting.


The days when we wagered a week ahead of his favorite team are over: players seek bets in real time, to analyze the meeting themselves and feel even more adrenaline. Each pass, each interception, each goal can make them change their minds. Bookmakers take care of this, they happen to change up to 500 times the odds for a single 90-minute League 1 game. The authorities speak of a growth of 19% of online sports betting for the year 2012. Faced with this mass phenomenon, operators have had no choice but to strengthen their teams, they are today dozens to monitor their 24-hour probability screens. With the Pay Per Head Bookie options are perfect there.


How do bookmakers fix their odds?

Unlike derivatives traders who use a lot of price-setting algorithms, bookmakers keep counting on human brains: A combination of experience and statistics allows them to offer bets on any discipline. Last minute events (injuries) also weigh in the balance, and therefore require operators to react quickly.

In all the bets, there is obviously a winner and a loser:

For a successful bet of 100 $ to a rating of 1.50 $, it is therefore 50 $ that come out of the pockets of the bookmaker, to go into those of the player. Yet, operators do not appreciate this vision “win-lose”, “cold hot”. They do not want to penalize the player, but simply “offer a fair price”, which is much more politically correct. He has everything similarly,they had to intervene in 2010 to impose a 15% margin on bookmakers to limit these ogres, which continue to grow in popularity. Find the 8 regulated sports betting sites in France here on our website.

  • Greed can manifest itself in several ways when it comes to sports betting, and this can cause all sorts of problems. This could include too large rates in relation to the bankroll, regular rates at high rates, as well as express trains and systems with a large number of events. Of course, sometimes you can put a larger amount than usual if you place a speculative bet with good chances to win.

If you are driven by greed and you make decisions based solely on the potential income you can make, then you will almost certainly lose in the long run. The most successful players take a slow and steady approach, seeking to gradually increase their bankroll over time.